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.Giving talks about my novels.
Working on another novel.
.Staying involved with community activities.
.Developing a New Forest website.

Andrew  Sanger

travel writer, novelist


My websites

Travelwriters UK

I created and ran this website dedicated to helping professional travel writers, travel photographers, travel editors and travel broadcasters to get work. It has recently acquired a new owner, Ben West.

Focus Guides
Free, printable one-page guides to popular cities, resorts and islands.

New Forest website
I am constructing a websites dedicated to the New Forest, my new home on England's south coast.

Community issues

Writing community
Since moving to the New Forest in 2016, I have set up and am still running New Forest Authors, a group for local members of the Society of Authors.

Local community
I set up an active NW London residents' association, and remained its chairman for 12 years until 2013.

Jewish community
1999-2004, I was editor of Masorti Matters, the Masorti movement's quarterly, sat on Masorti Council, and was the Masorti UK press officer. I served as a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
I created the Masorti memorial service for those who have lost a new baby, held annually at New North London Synagogue.
After two years as editor of Wessex Jewish News, I have recently handed over to a new editor.


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