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Andrew Sanger
The true story

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Comment, Reviews, Mentions

"Excellent thriller about compassion, community, sex-trafficking and friendship. London in its microcosmic worlds is beautifully described."
- Amanda Craig
(best-selling novelist -

"Satisfying and deeply unsettling, The Slave is part urban thriller, part examination of how we treat our fellow humans and, as a bonus, is blessed with a fantastic soundtrack."
- Robert Ryan (best-selling novelist -

"A light shed on lawlessness in the city's suburbs."
- Hampstead & Highgate Express. Read feature

"Mixes the themes of the thriller with a humane and perceptive writing style... and sympathetic attentiveness to common humanity."
- Jewish Chronicle. Read feature

"One of the best modern novels about London, The Slave is also a timely and poignant piece about private and public morality and an uncompromising drama on the modern horror of human trafficking."

- Laurence Phillips (author, playwright -

"The Slave is not really about trafficking. It's about the contemporary world's cultural problem as societies fragment and mingle. Differences in religious and secular belief thread through the book, and above all, the decay of law and order."

- Harold Chapman (photographer -

"A nightmare world, taking place behind closed doors in ordinary London streets. It's easy to tell that the author is in love with one of the world's great cities, and his portraits of incidents late at night leap off the page."

- Mike Gerrard (author -

"A proper page-turner. The plot is fast-moving and the characters are intelligently developed as we learn about the shocking goings-on behind the curtains of a leafy London neighbourhood. I confess to knowing nothing about human trafficking and this book provided a valuable education in the evil trade, while confronting the complex moral issues. All in all a cracking read that will stay in the mind for a long time to come. Highly recommended."

- Andy Jarosz (journalist -





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